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Legal notice

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Common terms

1. Copyright

The pages of our site are under copyright protection. Reproduction, translation, storing and remaking in other electronic media is under copyright. Imitation and even partial use are allowed only by documentary consent from the cleancodefactory.de team. The content and the structure of this site are under copyright. Reproduction of information or data, especially using of text, part of text or pictures, requires documentary consent. Illustrations are protected under article 94 of the copyright law. Permission for publishing and reproduction can be given by cleancodefactory.de. Copyrights remain completely the company's property, even if an image or text is automatically or explicitly compressed.

2. Trademarks

Product labels on this site are trademarks of cleancodefactory.de or are under the protection of the competition law. Every unauthorized use or abuse of these trademarks is restricted and violates the trademarks law, the copyright law, the intellectual property law or the competition law.

3. Responsibility exclusion related to third party web sites

The pages of this site contain links (a.k.a "hyperlinks") to web sites, maintained by third parties, and Clean Code Factory Ltd. is not familiar with their content. cleancodefactory.de just gives access to these web sites and bears no responsibility for their content. Our links to third party sites are intended only to ease your navigation. Any third party web site author's opinion, view of any matter or ideology is not cleancodefactory.de's. More precisely, Clean Code Factory does not bear responsibility for any law violations by these web sites.

Owners of web sites, which cleancodefactory.de has placed links to, are completely responsible for the content of their site and for the sale of products if they sell any.

cleancodefactory.de does not bear responsibility for any law violation done by these third party web sites, which Clean Code Factory, Ltd. has placed links to.

When an order is made, the customer and the other site owner enter into a contract, and cleancodefactory.de does not enter into any contract under any circumstances. Please refer to the common terms of use of these third party web sites.

This responsibility exclusion refers to all of the links placed on this web site and to all of the content of the pages they point to.

3. Responsibility exclusion

cleancodefactory.de is responsible only for damage related to this site, which is caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Amount of compensation, related to primary contract obligations violation by Clean Code Factory Ltd, is limited to the amount of the calculable damage. Warranties based on products, remain unaffected. Preceding limitations of responsibility are not in force in case of death, injuries or health impairment. Clean Code Factory Ltd. makes great efforts to keep this site clean of viruses, but cannot guarantee that. Therefore, we recommend you to take care of the protection yourself, before and after downloading files and information from this site, for example by using virus scanner software. Clean Code Factory Ltd. does not guarantee that this site will be accessible anytime.

5. Cookies

Yes. This site uses cookies.

6. Other

Terms of use for this site are based on the Bulgarian legislation. Any disputes at law refer to the Court of Sofia. If any term of use of this site is or becomes invalid, all remaining terms stay in force.