The management of Clean Code Factory Ltd (CCF), represented by the Manager, officially declares its Quality and informational security policy, which is announced, understood, applied and maintained at all levels of the company.
CCF’s policy is to extend its market positions, maximally satisfying the requirements of its customers by offering high quality, reliable products and striving for continuous development.
The management realizes that the company’s prosperity and its stability depend on its customers. This is why the customer is placed at the center of attention. The education and qualification of the employees are prerequisites to high professionalism, respectively high quality of the manufactured products.
The management requires all employees to invest maximum effort, diligence and responsibility in their assigned tasks to provide ever higher quality and to satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers. The management and employees strive to constantly discover opportunities to improve the processes in the company.
Information is at the basis of CCF’s activity. To protect that information, CCF abides by the law’s requirements, has undertaken contract engagements, and with the help of its quality and informational security management system has the established practice to protect the information from unauthorized change, damage, loss, or incorrect distribution.
CCF’s Quality and informational security policy represents the next step in the general policy and organizational development of the company, defining new parameters and higher criteria for satisfying customer requirements, protecting their interests and increasing CCF’s organizational stability and competitiveness.
The policy is applied to all activity, respectively – the infrastructure, the employees, the software, the hardware, the information arrays, the documents and records.
The policy is also applied to third parties – service suppliers, clients and other organizations who have access to CCF data, information and informational systems, or contractors and subcontractors who have a relation to CCF’s product quality.

CCF’s Quality and informational security management system functions through clearly defined, distributed, realized and managed through the management system responsibilities.
The management is committed to providing all necessary resources for the execution of the set goals and policy.
The management guarantees that the above policy is known to all CCF employees, that they understand its meaning and significance, and that they strive to complete the resulting specific tasks.

Sofia, 01 August 2017 г.

Robert Tanev,