Why Did We Choose JavaScript

One of the mostly used programming languages at Clean Code Factory is JavaScript. Our name was not chosen at random. We really try to stick to the idea of clean code. That is why we chose this programming language, as well as the rules of Object Oriented Programming. It allows us to write clean, efficient, and extendible code in short periods of time. We know our customers need speed and quality, and we always try to ensure that.

We chose JavaScript, because it is well-documented and well-known. Besides, we have programmers with lots of experience with the language, who can take full advantage of all of its features. All of that gives us the freedom to program the way we want to, and give our customers the exact solutions they are looking for. JavaScript OOP offers us a clean, structured class hierarchy, which allows us to create elements that can be reused time and time again, which in turn saves us from menial and repetitive tasks.

As one of our lead programmers said:
“We had to decide what to do with Javascript – try to run away from its weirdness, or use that weirdness to enhance JavaScript in a way that can make OOP more powerful and easier to use, and in turn, make the lack of strict typing rules a blessing instead of a curse. Of course we chose the latter – enhance JavaScript by using its own features.”
And that is what we try to do every day – not to reinvent the wheel, but to use what is already out there, and make it better at the same time.