We’re always working towards making more cool stuff! We are happy to announce one of the latest projects we’ve been working on – a PBI system. The system is being developed with BindKraft (our own development platform). It will allow you to track the whole workflow– add, edit and delete projects; add, edit and delete tasks; add teams and team members; assigning tasks to a certain team or team member, and lots more. Track all the work on a specific task from its start to its full completion. We are planning a lot more functionality for the system in the future, allowing the teams to organize their work in a way that is convenient to them, according to their specific needs. The system allows you to decide on the work method yourself, choosing from any Agile or other methodology.
And now a bit on the technical side of it.
The system is being developed entirely with BindKraft. It will be a stand-alone module, which makes it easy to later integrate with other BindKraft applications. The system uses an abstract database, which holds information in the form of a graph and works with virtual tables as opposed to the standard relative ones. As of this moment, we are done with the first stage of development and will be migrating the system to a CoreKraft server working with .NET Cote over the next week. After we are done with the internal testing, we will be able to share with you the experience we gained and the conclusions we came to while in the process of development.

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