New job openings at Clean Code Factory

PROJECT BG05М9ОP001-1.003-0293
“New job openings at Clean Code Factory EOOD“
procedure “New Workplace 2015”

Total project value: 158 087.30 lv, from which 134 374.205 lv funding from the ESF and 23 713.095 lv from National co-funding.
On 10.08.2016 the company Clean Code Factory EOOD started realizing the project “New job openings at Clean Code Factory EOOD”, financed by the contract for gratuitous financial assistance № BG05М9ОP001-1.003-0293 in the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”. The project has a duration of 22 months and will be completed at the end of May 2018.
The main goal of the project’s team is to extend the company’s business and create the settings for accepting a larger number of orders by creating 10 new workplaces for software developers, as a prerequisite for sustainable development.